Energy and resources are often exploited to help us live our fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, a lot of this energy is wasted by way of simple neglect.

Sense Electric a brand by Cosfi Electric Pvt Ltd specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial power and energy meter solutions. This also includes a variety of Energy Meters, current transformers, energy management software and communication modules.


We are a couple of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who understand the absolute importance of energy in our day to day lives and have taken it up as our personal motto in life to ensure proper conservation of energy.

With collective experience in energy management and process automation, our objective is to make a significant contribution by focusing on industries and commercial establishments to reduce waste and minimizing the loss.


To innovate, collaborate and build extraordinary products and solutions in the field of energy management and process automation, thereby making our world a greener and a better place.


At Sense Electric, our goal is to unlock the potential of businesses by creating an interconnected, interoperable business operation that will future-proof your ecosystem for years to come.

Our company has been established for managing energy with the best efficiency and providing services with our expert and experienced staffs for industrial automation field which has a very important role in the ever-growing electronics sector.

We aim to provide quality products for end-users by using the technology developed based on customer satisfaction and to put specific products in the industrial electronics sector on the local market following customer demands and expectations.

We provide our customers with easily accessible products and also pre-sale and after-sale services thanks to distributors and dealer networks.

Product Category

  1. Electrical Measurements
  2. Protection and Control
  3. Compensation – Power Factor Controller
  4. Process Control & Automation